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澳门bbin网站在线 Echodyne展示增强现实无人机空域态势感知能力

  【据unmannedsystemstechnology网站2019年4月30日报道】为政府和商业市场开发小型电子扫描阵列(ESA)雷达的制造商Echodyne公司宣布,计划在芝加哥举办的2019年AUVSI XPONENTIAL贸易上通过增强现实和可视化EchoGuard传感器数据,展示其开发的增强空域态势感知能力。在贸易展会期间,Echodyne公司将采用微软公司开发的Hololens,展示其EchoGuard雷达在主要无人机应用(商业任务安全和反无人机)方面的卓越性能,让参与者体验前所未有的空域态势感知。Echodyne公司ESA雷达,曾参与无人机卓越中心举办的多项活动,包括NASA无人交通管理(UTM)技术能力水平(TCL)、FAA的UTM试点项目(UPP)以及FAA的无人机综合试点项目(IPP)。


  Echodyne to Demonstrate Augmented Reality UAS Airspace Management

  Echodyne, a manufacturer of small electronically scanned array (ESA) radars for government and commercial markets, has announced today that it will demonstrate enhanced airspace situational awareness by visualizing EchoGuard sensor data through augmented reality at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 in Chicago.

  During the conference, Echodyne will display how its EchoGuard radar offers superior performance for both primary UAS (unmanned aerial system) use cases: commercial mission safety, and counter-UAS. The demonstration will feature an AR interactive experience using Microsoft’s Hololens and allows participants to experience unprecedented airspace situational awareness.

  Echodyne’s ESA radar is the first of its kind in the industry. Recently, the Company affirmed its participation in a number of initiatives at UAS Centers of Excellence across the country, including NASA’s Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) Technical Capability Level (TCL), FAA’s UTM Pilot Program (UPP) and FAA’s UAS Integration Pilot Program (IPP).

  “Having the ability to demonstrate how our EchoGuard radar contributes to airspace safety at the premier conference for the unmanned systems industry is just another exciting step for Echodyne,” said Eben Frankenberg, CEO of Echodyne. “This is another example of Echodyne delivering innovation that enhances both mission and public ,查看更多